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                      CONRATULATION REXIN ATTENDING IWF 2016


                      From 24th to 27th August, 2016, The International Woodworking Machinery Fair was held at Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia. This Fair is held once every two years. This year is the second time REXIN participated in the Fair.

                      REXIN participated in the fair with prefinished real wood veneer and KBStyling™ series which include TAIKA and Clean Touch Panel.
                      Clean Touch Panel is our new product. Its structure of polycarbon has both rigidity and toughness which boast high levels of flexibility and workability for enhanced safe worksurface. With advantage of super scratch & abrasion resistance, anti-bacteria & fungus and easy maintenance, REXIN Clean Touch Panel become the first choice as worksurface in kitchen and bathroom.
                      REXIN products are highly concerned and praised by the international audience.