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                      About Us

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                      Ahead Innovating, REXIN takes the technology and quality as fundament, and looks for the highest standards in the industry. We spend sizable resources annually in new product development, technology enhancement and innovation of a series of new products such as "Nanometer Laminate", "Tech-Wood Veneer Laminate", and "Postforming Compact Board", etc. In year 2010, 1st among the Chinese companies, REXIN has launched the Grade A Fire-Proof Compact & TAIKA Grade A Fire-Proof Composite Board, which are recognized as the new upgraded eco-friendly, safety decorative materials.
                      REXIN strives to ensure our manufacturing and distribution processes leave a minimal impact on the environment via implementing energy-efficient production model and raw material control, waste management, energy management for our commitment to sustainability. The suppliers we purchase our materials also align their businesses towards sustainable and forward-looking practices such as renewable raw materials like paper made from reproducible fast growing trees that benefits the forest.